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Equallia Malone-Minister, Author, Editor, Songwriter, Producer, Philanthropist, never thought she'd be where she is today. Being the President & Founder of Holy Ghost Ministries, President & Founder of The DeQuincy Stanberry Malone Foundation, and the CEO of Fervent House Publication and Production Co./Editor-In-Chief of Fervent Magazine. Equallia didn't know that she had a calling on her life for greatness, a called and anointed leader chosen by God, with a phenomenal life story.

As a child, Equallia grew up in a small country town in the 70's & 80's where racism still reigned. She attended a school that had just integrated in 1970. This was a challenge for her, witnessing racism as a young girl, and the adversity of being rejected.

The spiritual attack on her life from the enemy was to keep her in spiritual bondage; which stemmed from being called dumb & ugly by peers, educators, and some family members. Equallia was spiritually handicap, and spiritually paralyzed for forty years. Through her gift of writing, she has been set free from words that held her hostage. She claims her total healing and deliverance! Walking in fear for 40 years, afraid to use her brain, in "FEAR of FAILURE", was her greatest enemy.

After moving to Dallas, TX in 1987 with her Dad and Stepmother, her life begin to change. Little did she know that this would be the beginning of her journey for total healing, restoration, and her training for ministry. In this new place she did not hear the words that were handicapping her. No more being called dumb & ungly did she have to hear, which caused the feeling of unworthiness to be bestowed upon her, greatly affecting her self-esteem.

After High School graduation, came work and college, in which she dropped out due to her low self-esteem issues. She battled with these issuses until January 2010, when she was instructed by God to move to Longview, TX to care for the "Three Angels." After being on a 82 day fast, seeking God for divine direction; Equallia packed her bags and moved her and her son to Longview, TX; a place where she had no family nor friends, nor did she know anything about this new place that she was instructed to move to. She truly understands Abrahams move!

With her stepping out on faith, and trusting God with her whole heart, has brought her an abundance of blessings and great prosperity. The milestones to new beginnings started when she found Holy Ghost Ministries of Longview, TX October 2010; then, Three Angels Covenant Care, LLC 2012 in which she put on hold until God opens the door needed for it to operate as he would have it. Wrote and published her first book "The Love of A Man...Jesus" January 2012 (A Poem Given in 2009), which God gave her a vision to oversee a marriage conference from the poem; "The Love of A Man" for 2 years, and partnered with Strawberry Ministries/w Pastors Darryll and Tracy Strawberry(www.strawberryministries.org) to host the second marriage conference. January 2013 she published her second book which is Co-Authored with her son "The Message." May 2013 the Holy Spirit istructed her to start a Foundation which is named in honor of her son "The DeQuincy Stanberry Malone Foundation." November 2013, the Holy Spirit reminded her of a dream she had September 2012 concerning a Christian Magazine, and this is where her vision of "Fervent Magazine" came to life. March 2014 the Holy Spirit spoke to her once again and placed on her heart to start "Fervent House Publication & Production Co. LLC,(www.fhpap.com) and to publish "Fervent Magazine" under her own brand, and as of March 2016 designed and published her first book "GONE FISHING" under Fervent House Publication & Production Co. All this she has accomplished under God's Anointing.

Equallia started the company on several small investments out of her own personal account. The 1st small investment was to acquire her DBA for $16, next was 1 hour investment of her time to apply for a company EIN, $15 investment and many hours of her time of designing and building a company website, $900 investment with a local graphic designer to produce a 12 page prototype of "Fervent Magazine", and a $ 250 investment to open a business account at a local financial banking facility. Many hours of sweat, stress, tears, and frustration has gone into this assignment with Equallia not having any knowledge on graphic design, but yet came forth healing and deliverance from things stemming from her childhood through this assignment. She is now able to see this was God's way of pushing her into a place of healing with this assignment. Pushing her past her pain!

As she would continue to work long hours, seeking God, and reaching out to many which she thought could and would be a mentor to her, was of no affect. No one would respond to her out reach for help. Many times she would say, I can't do this, this is too hard, I quit. But each time she would make that statement or even think it, the Holy Spirit would stir up a new gift to keep her in the place which He had called her to. She began to see, all she needed was God's guidance, His wisdom to be bestowed upon her, His anointing, and for him to sustain her with all knowledge needed to prosper.

With no working capital, Equallia felt as if she were at the cross road with the company, but did not let that stop her. She would seek God even the more, and sow seeds as He would place on her heart, and where to sow them. Many days without sleep she would pray and labor. For faith without works is dead. Knowing this, she continues on her assignment with great expectations.

2015 Equallia had to re-launch "Fervent Magazine"  with her good friend CNBC'S Blue Collar Millionaire, "MR. DARNELL LEE." The re-launch was due to a great Spiritual attack which almost cost her, her and her sons life, and almost destroyed everything that she had worked so hard to achieve for the Kingdom of God. Equallia learned, that spiritual deception is real!!!!!

Surviving this life threatening opposition, has empowered her the more. As a devoted servant, she is now able to produce and publish great quality print for "Fervent Magazine" on a monthly basis globally, available in both print and digital format, all with a monthly investment of only $8.50, plus devoting/laboring 72-100 per week.

With all of the hard work, sweat, and tears that have gone forth; Equallia now own and operate a multi-million dollar company. 

Being led by the Spirit she has partnered and affiliated with some of the nations leading Ministries, and businesses such as; Daystar Christian Television; KJTX 104.5 FM Gospel Powerhouse Radio; Fresh Start Ministries of Longview, TX; Sheryll Mitchell Ministries; and she is a former member of the NAPW where "Star Jones" is the President, and former member of Stratmore Global Who's Who, with the company networking over 10 million members.

Equallia continues to humbly serve God as He instructs her daily. She is a devoted Kingdom Builder, as the Holy Spirit has anointed and assigned her and given her the spirit of grace to be a blessing to many ministries across the nation.

Assignments are given to Equallia, and she is most faithful to carry them out with God's guidance, writing the vision, being instructed to insert/write Habakkuk 2:2-3 in every issue of "Fervent Magazine" has truly blessed her on this journey.

July 2013, the Holy Spirit spoke to her and instructed her to host a "Seven Up Manna Fest Celebration" where she would gather under God's anointing and direction with 49 Leaders in the Body of Christ for the Celebrations Prophetic Round Table Panel. With the number 49 in the Spiritual Realm of God, representing the Messiah. This vision was birthed April 2014 and as of April 2020 will celebrate their 6th Annual Seven Up Celebration. Her mission and visions for "Stir The Gift Book Camp" a Fervent Publishing event, where she will tour many Cities & States, helping to bring visions to life and helping many to utilize their gifts which will impact many lives, and as of September 17, 2016 was given a vision for the International Seven Up Celebration Leadership Association, where she has started the School of the Spirit which will aide in strengthening Leaders in the Body of Christ.

2017 brings on a whole new chapter for Equallia, with the production of her very 1st song "In The Presence of God", which she will debut with her God given group "Friend's of Praise" which consist of 7 Anointed Women of God, and great music composer "Brother David Gatlin". The group will debut April 1, 2017 at "HGMIA" Seven Up Manna Fest Celebration.

Equallia was formally under the leadership/covering of Presiding Prelate; Bishop Stanley Lawson. Bishop Stanley Lawson (Elect Lady Cathy Lawson) Pastor/Oversee Unity Tabernacle House of Faith Ministries of Kilgore, TX. She was a faithful servant since January 2015, until a life change caused her to transition to new beginnings. Being under the great leadership of Bishop Stanley Lawson, God has allowed many new doors to open in Equallia and her sons life, and God has closed those doors that needed closing, the doors that were delaying their blessings. 

June 20, 2019, God instructed Equallia to stay in the Word, and upon her obedience, the Holy Spirit, God begain to minister to her heart to design Movie Posters, and gave her many strange titles for a Film/Movie Ministry she never saw this coming. As of January 2020, God's Vision for Equallia to steward a Film/Movie Ministry, under Fervent House Productions, is well on it's way, and the Company will Debut their 1st (first) Christ-Centered Film in 11 (eleven) select AMC Theatre's within 3 (three) states; Texas, Louisiana, and California.

Fervent House Productions, has 35 (thirty-five) Films to debut at AMC Theatre's over a 10 (ten) year period.

The company, is Membership based, with many categories of membership to choose from.

As the CEO and Founder of Fervent House Publication & Production Company, Equallia's mission is to honor the Company's slogan, and Enhance Lives Across The Globe, is her passion.

January 14, 2020, God reconnected Equallia with a friend she had lost contact with, which is in the Theatre, Music, and Media industry. With the reconnection of her friend, he introduced her to Valder Beebe, a Radio and TV Christian Personality, which will feature Equallia as her guest on her show, the Valder Beebe Show " That Celebrity Interview" located in Dallas, TX, and has scheduled Equallia 5 Radio interviews in support of God's Vision, WRAPPED- A Mother's Day Gift. 

The Production is set to host the Unveiling of "WRAPPED" in 3 states beginning February 15, 2020.